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My intention is to let the audience have a perception and interaction with the fractal world beyond mental engaged. Because as an artist, I want the audience to strongly sense fractal concept, which is everywhere in the world but people won’t notice it in their daily life. 
The audience become part of the work as performers as well. The technical digital devices are the crucial part of the works, which help create individual fractal experience and interpretation in real-time within the audience. 
A fractal is not a mechanical system but an interactive self-similar system which organized by its own feedback loop. It contains a pattern, an origin, and a self continuously iterated equation. 
mandelbrot fractal pattern.png
It can be explained in a mathematical equation.
Screenshot 2020-05-27 at 20.09.55.png
(X is a parameter, a and c are constant)
       X is a variable pattern in a fractal system. It can be anything, such as the real-time traffic data and real-time webcam camera image. 
       An origin is the real-time certain input of X. For example, the certain moment of the traffic data or the certain image of what the camera is shooting.
       X is generated in the upper equation. The result of each calculation will be the beginning of the next calculation. This forms a feedback loop of the X. 
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