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Control self
    VR & AR &Leap Motion &projection mapping 
    real-time installation
Unity ECS & ARkit, shader, leap motion, Blender ,realistic human model, video feedback loop
Project description
We want to control ourselves in our daily life. But we our face and our body just doesn’t want to move. This mostly ends up being remain the same position over and over again. And we are still who we are. 
The front and side photos of the audience will be taken to make 3D heads model. The audience will follow the rotation of their heads and dive in the multiple transparent heads and body them. And the fixed position hands would be controlled by leap motion, but only the fingers and arms can be rotated. They can feel like controlling the small version of themselves controlling the small version of themselves and being controlled by the bigger version of them. And see the array of themselves remain the same position.
Idea development
During the coronavirus lockdown period. Well Control of myself became a big issue for me. But this made me feel like doing the same thing over and over again and I have been locked up by controlling myself. I used the paradox storytelling way to show this endless feeling. Let the audience controlled and being controlled by themselves. 
Screenshot 2020-05-25 at 17.24.41.jpg
Technical development
  1. Model making :I use the front portrait and the side pro to create3d model. If it is more realistic it will be much more believable in Blender. 
  2. Texture design: I found that the fractal feedback loop which I used to create in my previous work which the I can bring the light enhancing texture in VR by using Unity shader and ECS to create multiple self.
  3. Interaction design: My first thought was using leap motion to control the whole body of self like puppet. But it doesn’t seem natural. So I tried to attach the hands and the body to make other parts still instead. And the audience can use their heads to control their moving direction. This makes them feel like going by their instinct.
  4. Use Unity ARkit as well to blur the reality and the digital world to make the audience blur the reality and digital world by bring the digital self on their real life on the phone.
The audience was amazed by diving into their face by controlling the VR headset. The multi-self part is really immersive and the audience feel like they are part of the them. 
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