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videography & screening real-time installation
video feedback loop
Project description
The audience was asked to put on a Horse head mask and copy the exercise movement on TV. The audience can see multiple of themselves queuing up and doing the exercise on a screen in front of them in real-time to convey the idea of Chinese propaganda. This is a self-engagement collective political interactive installation.
Idea development
1. Discussing and internet searching: Tate Exchange exhibition is about politic this year. So we thought of Chinese propaganda. Everyone dresses the same, does the same action and shouts the slogan out. We want the audience to become part of this collective propaganda. Then we thought of every day exercise. Hundreds of students matching up and doing the same funny movements that we are made to be collective. 
So we decided to invite the audience to follow the standard exercise movements on an old TV(Fig13) and copy it. Then let them to see the multiple marching up self on a screen in real-time. 
2. Collecting elements: In order to make people to be deindividuation, we are decided to put a mask onto them. As universal gifs, Doge and horse head are very popular nowadays. People put it onto people’s heads in some video or photography to let them have funny look and weird harmony. 
Technical development
 Digital multiplication in real-time and green screen capture set up: I think of people use live stream software OBS to do the live stream on the internet nowadays. From the youtube tutorial, I got the idea that by using green screen and removing the background in the live stream software, the real time feedback loop of in the OBS software can create the perspective effect of multiple audience queue up in a matrix. 
The audience enjoyed the strong self-engagement and self-similar participation which can strongly convey the Chinese propaganda idea. And the public engagement is also great. 
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