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Fractal self video feedback loop
VR &projection mapping real-time installation
Unity , Rhino, video feedback loop
Project description
This is a real-time interactive installation which try to make the audience to consider himself as a pattern and see the multiple fractal feedback loop of himself inside VR by  using camera, projection mapping and VR.  
I want to let the audience to feel like fractal is everywhere and let them interactive with the fractal feedback loop like the ‘fractal self’ experiment by placing the multiple fractal feedback loop in all around the VR world in the first part. In the second part, in order to let the audience get the Idea of the recursive characteristic by letting the audience dropping in the infinite extension frame.
Idea development
I was trying to explore how to enable people to experience the fractal concept visually.
I wanted to create an immersive interactive VR installation based on fractal self and other projects.
My intention is to let the audience have a perception and interaction with the fractal world beyond mental engaged. Because as an artist, I want the audience to strongly sense fractal concept, which is everywhere in the world but people won’t notice it in their daily life.
The audience become part of the work as performers as well. The technical digital devices are the crucial part of the works, which help create individual fractal experience and interpretation in real-time within the audience. 
Technical development
1. Connecting devices: The most important part of the technical parts of this project is input what the camera is shooting both in the VR software Unity and in the projector. Live stream OBS software and other adaptor for MAC which I used in other projects can’t be used on PC. With the help of all kind of technicians and doing lots of experiments, I found out the live stream software Sparkocam can make a DSLR recognized as a webcam in Unity. And I use a cable to connect the camera direct to the projector which solved the problems.
feedback look principle副本.png
2. Make the iteration structure in Rhino and VR environment of the ‘anti’ project, use the webcam as a texture to put on the structure and animate the stream camera in unity from top to bottom. 
The audience are fascinated by the extension structure and seeing multiple self in the VR immersive world and get the idea of fractal easily by seeing multiple fractal feedback loop and their facies, which has met my intention.  They were looking around and seeing how they look around in the VR headset. Lots of audience considered the dropping effect is really great some even screaming when experienced with it and the fractal self feedback loop structure is impressive too. 
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