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Manipulate self
VR real-time installation
Unity ECS & Cloth, Blender realistic human model
Project description
 I found out that how others see me based on my self-manipulation. My face is like a skin-like mask and it was manipulated by my subconscious and behavior. I want others to experience it too.
The audience can manipulate their head-cloth self by rotating and slightly moving their heads in VR.
Idea development
My first thought was let the audience seeing multiple faces of the audience themselves saying ‘I love you’ to them. I don’t mean anything and looks bad in VR. I feel like I am lost in a few days and doing nothing. Even my family can feel that too. So I began to manipulate my daily behavior and emotion to be a normal person and didn’t behavior like getting lost. And this came to the theme of this project.
Technical development
1. Model making  : I use the front portrait and the side photos to create3d model. If it is more realistic it will be much more believable in Blender.
Screenshot 2020-05-27 at 17.25.25.png
Screenshot 2020-05-27 at 17.26.25.png
2. Interaction design: At first, I want to let the audience to use their hands by leap motion to touch their faces in VR. And use mesh deformation reaction on their faces. However, this doesn’t make their face acting naturally. So I used cloth component and C# coding for interaction instead.
 The movement acts quite smooth in VR. The audiences enjoy it very much. 
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