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Multi self faces
VR installation
Unity, AE
I tried to convey the paradoxical fractal characteristic. I made a week residency in Cern. During the period, the scientists are researching about the new matter ‘anti-matter’. And Inspired by the previous Horse Head Doge work, I found out Chinese propaganda can be an ‘anti-art’ which is just multiple copy of oneself, and also be anti-science which strongly convey an idea which don’t need the scientific evidence.  So I decided to shot a short video of the audience saying ‘anti-art, anti-science, anti- art and science’ first, then they can see multiple of their faces saying these words all around them all over and over again in VR.
Technical development
Build up the all faces around environment in VR software Unity. Videography, editing and output to Unity process set up. Different software uses different format. I tried Final Cut Pro first, for it is easy to output files, but it the selecting tool is not easy to use for the fast editing. So I chose after effect instead.  
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