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Unity Live online Event 


The ppt image is replaced and the person is blur for the confidentiality agreement.

# Green screen subtraction  # Real-time webcam input # UI  # hard disk file input

This is for a live event to be conducted online for an American based Indian company. They want people to see the someone is giving a speech on the stage in the 3D virtual company on the online broadcast event. The user can adjust the PPT and control the view and input while broadcasting.

My job
  1. Let the user input video feed with green screen (from USB Webcam) into scene. And do the green screen subtraction in Unity and let the user select different webcams

  2. Let the user poll the image file in the unity program (say once every second) from a fixed location on hard disk. The location where image be textured on the scene is fixed (screen of the virtual stage).

  3. Keyboard main camera control to let walk through in the virtual conference hall and the screen size control

  4. UI control of the Chrome key, camera path and location, image input path.

  5. Save and load system to the hard drive setting.

  6. Re-render 3d model made by 3ds max.

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